VMware vSAN – The Importance of a More Flexible Response to Internal Users’ Expectations

The most recent session of the TechnoLab Program was held on Thursday, June 14 at the CONTINUUM Innovation Centre. This session focussed on storage virtualization and the benefits of software-defined management. Session objective: Help the numerous participants understand the shift that VMware is proposing with its vSAN and vVOL solutions in the context of the hybrid cloud.

Building the Infrastructure Behind SAP S4/HANA

The introduction of the HANA platform brings more than considerable benefits, as long as you have an infrastructure that does not limit its use. Data transfer from disk to server RAM requires a complete overhaul of the infrastructure—especially  when it comes to the server itself. There are three factors that must be addressed: Scalability, Resilience, and Agility.

A Better Understanding of the SAP S/4 HANA Solution

HANA® technology is at the heart of the strategy SAP® presents to its customers, now this technology offers a platform with exceptional performance for real-time data mining. Right from the start, customer’s projects around HANA have confirmed the innovative capabilities and all the benefits of a high-speed, modern, in-memory database.

VMware NSX: The Only Real Way to Protect Your Business-Critical Systems

The next TechnoLab Session will be held at the CONTINUUM Innovation Centre on May 24. This month, we are returning to the theme  “Make the Move to VMware NSX—Security and Microsegmentation.” With the goal of repeating the last session’s success, we encourage you to take part to better understand the industry’s current shift towards Software-Defined Networking. Discover the new concepts of policy-based security management, as well as microsegmentation in the context of Hybrid Cloud Security.

Innovation Forum, Wednesday, April 11, in Montréal – The New Hybrid Cloud Reality

The Innovation Forum event—The New Hybrid Cloud Reality— This first event, specifically designed for IT executives is a presentation by PCD Solutions and its partners VMware and Hitachi Vantara. Presentation will be held at the CONTINUUM Innovation Centre on April 11th. This invitation-only event takes advantage of the all new facilities set up to demonstrate enterprise cloud solutions and the integration with public Cloud providers such as Amazon AWS and Think On.