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The Difference of the PCD Approach

Advisory role, collaboration, knowledge transfer, and total commitment to the success of your project—these are the four core pillars that are deeply rooted in our organization’s culture of service.

Add to that the expertise and experience that we have acquired through the many projects carried out for clients. Our customers appreciate our know-how, our attention to detail, and our work methodology that stems, in part, from the legacy of many years of service, starting from the time of Mainframe and UNIX enterprise systems.

CONTINUUM Methodology

Our work methodology is the key to the success of our team’s projects in the field.


The PCD Touch

Advisory role – Tailored to your needs and your internal team’s areas of expertise. Our experts complement your technical competencies so you can benefit from their trainning and experience.


Collaboration – We work with you, your operational and architecture teams, your manufacturing partners, and the software providers involved in order to efficiently orchestrate your project’s implementation.



Knowledge transfer – We ensure that your people acquire the knowledge needed and that they feel comfortable in managing your systems’ operations. We work to make your team as autonomous as possible, always ensuring that our experts are available and accessible in the event you need them.


Total commitment to the success of your project – We work on each of your projects just as if we were part of your team. Moreover, we are ready to share in the risks associated with our clients’ projects and initiatives by offering them a turnkey approach to the project.


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