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Managing Client Devices – Take full advantage of your investments in Microsoft technologies


Meet Ransi Jona, Converge Microsoft Solutions Expert in Canada

As a Microsoft Solutions Expert, Ransi Jona brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in leveraging Microsoft solutions to help clients optimize their technology investments.

Here, Ransi shares insights on the advantages of working with a Microsoft Solutions Expert, the benefits of a brand-agnostic approach, and how this expertise around Modern Workplace solutions can help many clients overcome challenges in managing their technology environment.


What is a Data Fabric and Why Do I Need It?


Tuesday, December 20 – Enterprises are producing a staggering amount of data every day. Disparate data sources, lack of access, and complex data integration challenges can prevent organizations from fully utilizing data they collect. As data continues to grow, these issues compound. A data fabric helps organizations overcome these challenges.

VMware vSphere 8 Upgrade Delivers New Improvements and Features.


vSphere 8, VMware’s enterprise workload platform, was just released this October and overall, we are stoked with the improvements and new features introduced. It’s the first major upgrade in two years, and VMware has responded to customers’ needs and changes in technology trends to deliver more performance and security. They also released some features that they have been teasing for quite a while, such as Project Monterey.

Minimizing attack surface – Keep potential intruders from causing further damage with the right tool…


As encryption-based cyberattacks continue to evolve, it is imperative that organisations proactively seek to better protect themselves. It is no longer enough to simply fortify perimeter security—organisations must find ways to protect themselves from the inside as well. The need for better defence, even after an attacker successfully intrudes, can no longer be ignored. Businesses must act now to avoid potentially devastating consequences.

Breaking down the basics of Business Intelligence


The ever-increasing amount of data being generated by businesses, combined with advances in technology, has made business intelligence (BI) more important than ever before. Organizations today need to be able to quickly and easily access the data they need to make informed decisions.

The Importance of Adaptive Infrastructure


Monday, December 26th – We live, work and compute in an era of constant change. So for information technology (IT) teams, the importance of adaptive infrastructure is undeniable. Adaptive infrastructure enables organizations and their IT teams to be more agile in responding to new challenges and more productive overall. It removes the burden of managing IT infrastructure so that team members can focus on higher-value projects within their organization.