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Minimizing attack surface – Keep potential intruders from causing further damage with the right tools

As encryption-based cyberattacks continue to evolve, it is imperative that organisations proactively seek to better protect themselves. It is no longer enough to simply fortify perimeter security—organisations must find ways to protect themselves from the inside as well. The need for better defence, even after an attacker successfully intrudes, can no longer be ignored. Businesses must act now to avoid potentially devastating consequences.


The rise of cyberattacks 

The rise in ransomware attacks has been a growing concern for enterprises for some time now. Yet they continue to have damaging consequences : Loss of reputation, loss of client trust, loss of revenue and the list goes on. Frequently, victims are often not even aware of the attack until their data is held for ransom. This is how many attacks occur. First, cybercriminals imperceptibly gain access to your systems and network, then they lie in wait, working from inside encrypting your files with ransomware. And then one day, they make their move, halting your operations and holding your data for ransom.

How VMware NSX can help protect your business


It limits the attack surface

Microsegmentation with a solution like VMware NSX allows us to do the IT equivalent of putting locks on every door of your house, barricading each zone and section, with the keys given out to only those who have the permission to walk around. Therefore, when faced with an explosion of possible attack vectors, microsegmentation helps limit the attackers’ access to your data and reduces the ransomware attack surface.


It automates the enforcement of security rules via a software-defined approach

VMware NSX allows you to simplify the coding and automation of security rules related to the access to your data and applications. Therefore, each time a virtual machine containing applications and data is created, the rules you have defined will automatically be applied.

By evolving with your environment, the solution makes it easier to manage security policies and allows you to adopt a more proactive approach to your enterprise’s protection rather than a reactive one.


It allows you to better understand data movements and system dependencies

Additionally, VMware NSX allows you to log data movements between virtual machines, giving you an overview of your virtual and physical environments. This is used to alert you to any seemingly suspicious activity and help you understand what happened after an event.

With the evolution and rise of cyberattacks, we must evolve our security mechanisms as well to better protect our enterprises. It is no longer enough to only secure the perimeter; we must be strategic about protecting the inside as well in case of a break-in. Microsegmentation will allow you to do that and much more for your organisation.

Learn more about micro-segmentation with VMware NSX here: https://www.vmware.com/ca/products/nsx-security-microsegmentation.html

View our latest capsule on microsegmentation here :


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Next steps

Too often, clients come to us after being attacked with devastating consequences. I encourage to take a more proactive approach to your organisation’s protection by looking deeper into microsegmentation sooner than later.


For further assistance, feel free to contact us with your questions. A Converge expert will help you do a thorough assessment of your data and vulnerabilities, starting with asking the right questions and guiding you towards a better protection strategy adapted to your organization’s needs, one step at a time.


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