Ensure the Performance, Availability, Security, and Integrity of Your Systems

With a view to quality control and proactive infrastructure management, PCD offers you a variety of personalized service plans. They include planned annual visits and remote monitoring service options that enable us to guarantee that your systems will operate properly at anytime.

A Comprehensive Technology Watch. The Latest Updates and Innovations That Interest You

Not only do we check your technical environment, we also evaluate the effectiveness of your operational practices. We offer the latest tools, software updates, and innovations that you can use, often for free.


  • Proactive maintenance of infrastructures
  • Application of software updates
  • Analysis of performance, availability, and security
  • System optimization
  • Technical coaching and best practices recommended by manufacturers
  • Technical support
  • Verification of disaster recovery measures
  • Compliance and software pre-audits
  • System and architecture planning (technology life cycle)
  • Monitoring of trends and technology watch

Our Team of Experts

Whether you are looking to maximize the use of your resources or to diagnose the exact cause of a problem in your data center, our consultants will help you understand both your current and future needs while ensuring the implementation of industry best practices.

We will also suggest the use of various management tools designed to optimize your control over your environment and that will enable you to fully benefit from your investment.

CONTINUUM Methodology

Our work methodology is the key to the success of our team’s projects in the field.


Some of Our Clients

PCD provides support to its clients and their IT teams in the field for the implementation of data center infrastructures, management tools, industry best practices and knowledge transfer.

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PCD / Converge Blog

Why consider VMware’s Cloud platform on Azure or AWS to accelerate your digital transformation projects?

Among all efforts companies are doing to accelerate the shift to the Public Cloud, we’re hearing in the field that teams and projects are seriously behind schedule. Many factors come into play including the the lack of expertise and Cloud resources, COVID crisis which tends to slow down business operations, but above all, the complexity encountered in the efforts to modernize existing applications. This is where VMware’s Cloud platform can help and act as an alternative solution. […]


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