Get Advice and Recommendations from Specialists

Generally, our service approach begins by doing a healthcheck of your infrastructures. This helps us get a clear picture of the status of your environment and operation practices.

Through a structured approach that uses staff interviews and technical checklists, we verify how your systems operate and compare to industry best practices.

An Essential Exercise

If you are ready to plan your projects or are on the verge of making major choices regarding technology or investments, our specialists’ expert advices will help you to see clearly. They will help you to set priorities properly and to make good decisions.

  • Assessment of the issues and problems encountered
  • Past history and planned evolution of your environment
  • Upcoming projects and potential impacts on infrastructures
  • Technical evaluation of infrastructures
  • Verification of software updates and patches
  • Discussion on operational practices
  • Comparison with industry best practices
  • Report on observations, risks, and recommendations
  • Estimation of costs of corrective measures

Our Team of Experts

First and foremost, you will benefit from the PCD team’s in-depth expertise and know-how. With their many years of experience in integration projects, our experts bring you a multidisciplinary vision.

CONTINUUM Methodology

Our work methodology is the key to the success of our team’s projects in the field.


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