IT Operations Support

Expert Advice When You Need It

If you are looking for advanced technical support on an occasional basis, our professional services team can work with you to develop a personalized plan. This plan will ensure that you have the needed expertise to carry out your projects either by using on-call support or by using an approach that delegates management to PCD one to two days each week.

Flexible Approach, Efficient Interventions

We can truly personalize a made-to-measure service plan based on your company’s needs. Among other things, this plan can combine the expertise of several specialists in different areas of intervention.

  • Senior level consulting resources
  • Technology integration projects
  • By project, on an on-call basis, or on a weekly basis (e.g., 1–2 days a week)
  • Multiple areas of expertise
  • Experience in planning, architecture, integration, operation, and project management
  • Support and knowledge transfer approach

Our Team of Experts

First and foremost, you will benefit from the PCD team’s in-depth expertise and know-how. With their many years of experience in integration projects, our experts bring you a multidisciplinary vision.

CONTINUUM Methodology

Our work methodology is the key to the success of our team’s projects in the field.


PCD / Converge Blog

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