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Building a Foundation for Your Own Corporate Cloud

The second TechnoLab educational workshop focused on the integration of VMware vSAN and Dell/EMC VxRAIL platforms will be held at the CONTINUUM Innovation Centre, on March 27, from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. This workshop organized by PCD Solutions, with the collaboration of Dell/EMC and VMware, is a follow-up to all the positive feedback regarding the meeting format and the interactive atmosphere of the previous session.


Join us to see for yourself the possibilities for simplifying your operations and accelerating the deployment of your own corporate cloud

The needs of your business and your users are evolving; transforming your IT practices has not only become essential but unavoidable. The search for greater agility, speed, and efficiency is now bringing many companies to consider the hyperconverged approach.

“Based on VMware vSAN, the Dell EMC VxRail Appliance is the first and only appliance on the market offering complete VMware integration for implementing Software-Defined Data Centre projects.”
The PCD Solutions team launched the TechnoLab Sessions to fulfill its mission to inform IT professionals in Quebec about technological innovations related to the cloud and the deployment of the SDDC model.

VMware and Dell/EMC have become known for their ability to innovate and collaborate. Both companies are particularly responsive to business needs and preferences and are working to develop a series of joint initiatives including the Dell/EMC VxRAIL family of hyperconverged solutions that help simplify your operations, make the evolution of your infrastructures more predictable and modular, and prepare you for the possibilities of IT automation.


Attend the session to learn about the trend towards hyper-converged systems and the massive adoption of VMware vSAN technology


Objective of the March 27 session

On March 27, come see "in action" how the latest Dell and VMware technologies can help you build the foundation of your own cloud infrastructure and position your business to exploit the possibilities of the new hybrid cloud.


Session Details

Date: Wednesday, March 27

Time: 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Place: CONTINUUM Innovation Centre—5929 Transcanadienne O., Suite 150, Montréal (Saint-Laurent), H4T 1Z6

Details: Approximately 20 places available, free

Audience:  The session is primarily tailored to the interests and questions of the people in charge of architecture, IT operations, and the VMware systems involved in storage. 

The workshop includes a presentation in the morning that will review the key concepts behind the VxRAIL and vSAN solutions, and will also help you better understand the latter through an analysis of case studies with our guest instructors.

In the second part of the session, you will be invited to participate in a demo lab with practical exercises and technical test benches that will allow you to experience the combined VxRail and vSAN experience so you can explore their most innovative features.


Presentation—Key elements covered

  • Hyperconvergence
  • vSAN
  • VxRail hardware
  • VxRail and vSAN Ready Nodes
  • VxRail deployment and operation


Practical excercices

  • Introduction
  • Monitoring and managing a cluster
  • Scalability of a cluster
  • Performance monitoring
  • Areas of failure
  • Simple rule-based management
  • Deduplication and compression
  • Encryption
  • Creating and managing snapshots
  • Software update

Register today

If you are interested in the topic and/or issed th eprvious workshop, be sure not to miss this one! 

To register, contact us directly:

Michelle Guiadem, Marketing Assistant

PCD Solutions

Tel. 514-744-1322 x.260

Email: mguiadem@pcdsolutions.com


About the CONTINUUM Innovation Centre


The CONTINUUM™ Innovation Centre – A First in Canada

One visit will convince you. Based here in Montréal, the Innovation Centre lets
you compare and take stock of your IT practices in the context of transitioning
to the hybrid cloud.

  • Centre dedicated to education and innovation in the field of enterprise
    cloud solutions
  • Brings together the top specialists in the industry
  • State-of-the-art technological infrastructure
  • Integration with leading public cloud providers
  • Ability to concretely demonstrate SDDC VMware Cloud Solutions (SDDC: Software Defined Data Centre operation)
  • Monitors market trends and the first major cloud projects in Quebec