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Planning your application transition to the Cloud

Since the beginning of the crisis, many companies have reoriented their projects around solutions that can be integrated with the public Cloud. Migrating virtual environments, developing applications, backing up and recovering data on the Cloud, setting up virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) … there are a growing number of use cases.

planning application transition cloud

A process that can be prepared in advance, one step at a time!

This increase is also due to advantages such as faster project deployment, environment agility and scalability, predictable monthly costs and the ability to benefit from providers’ native Cloud services.

However, if your company wants to stay in control of certain aspects like security, the evolution of its architecture and Cloud service costs, it is important to establish your strategy and foundation right from the start. Depending on which phase of its approach your company has reached, here are two examples of how our team can help you.


Cloud Discovery Session

This service allows you to:

  • Analyze your current context, business drivers and IT  initiatives related to your Cloud objectives;
  • Identify your needs, objectives, strengths and opportunities for improvement within your current IT environment;
  • Demystify Cloud concepts and terminology, private and public Cloud options and industry best practices;
  • Analyze your mix of services and applications to identify the best candidates (use cases) to benefit from a Cloud approach (quick wins).





Cloud Discovery Session
(View PDF by clicking on the overview)

Cloud Master Plan

This service allows you to:

  • Establish a clear 3-year vision for your company’s Cloud strategy;
  • Reach consensus and a common understanding of the prioritized initiatives and their justification;
  • Specify the objectives, schedule, potential interdependencies and a value / cost / risk analysis for each initiative;
  • Name leaders, formalize work teams and divide responsibilities;
  • Define governance, budget, architecture and security frameworks, as well as the guidelines to be followed.





Cloud Master Plan
(View PDF by clicking on the overview)



If this type of support from our expert team might help you structure and accelerate your project, we encourage you to contact us. We can organize a video call to discuss your objectives, provide examples of recent projects and allow our teams to get better acquainted.



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Sylvain Mony
Vice-president, Consulting services