Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

What if something goes wrong?

These days, information technology plays a pivotal role. For many businesses, the transition to 24h/7d services, along with the globalization of business, has forced IT teams to rethink their various protection measures. In an attempt to integrate increasingly effective shutdown-prevention and business-continuity mechanisms, businesses have become better able to fulfill the needs of their operations chains, online presence and services, and their client contact centers.

Protection measures adapted to the risks affecting your business

Using a structured planning process, we will work to establish your organization’s priorities and create custom solutions for you.

  • Identify mission-critical applications, systems and data
  • Assess the risks and impacts associated with shutdowns
  • Review existing technology and protection measures
  • Consider interdependency between systems
  • Determine recovery objectives
  • Provide architecture recommendations
  • Automate high-availability, fault-tolerance and recovery mechanisms for disaster scenarios

Our Team

The PCD team offers customized solutions and practical mechanisms aimed at minimizing risks that may affect your business.

We have a highly creative team that is well versed in new technologies. We will help you implement protection measures that will ensure that your systems, applications and most critical data remain available.

Some of the services we offer

Testing high availability and operation recovery measures for disaster scenarios

Our specialists work with your IT team in an organized, risk-free environment to ensure the proper functioning of established recovery measures. Whether it’s switching operations between remote sites, checking the integrity of databases or ensuring the efficiency of your back-up process, we work with you to develop a fully personalized set of services.

Technology Expertise

Some of the technologies and solutions we specialize in


Need to see it to believe it…? Us too!
Come discover solutions that completely transform current ways of doing things. TechnoLab is a solutions laboratory, based here in Montreal, which was developed in collaboration with major manufacturers to provide a better understanding of new technologies, in particular:

Business continuity using VMware

Recovery process automation

Software-defined storage

Multi-site network management using VMware NSX

Storage stretched cluster solutions for VMware

Data self-protection mechanisms


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