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The current context of convergence of technologies is forcing companies to review their standards and ways of doing things. Hitachi is one of our partners that has shown a strong capacity for innovation when working with our clients, far beyond the field of storage management where they built their very solid reputation.

A Manufacturer’s Capacity to Invest and Innovate

PCD Solutions is working jointly with Hitachi on several business initiatives and innovative client projects.

  • IT Service Catalog – Using simplified management of deployment of applications and services through the automation of IT and Hitachi UCP (Unified Computing Platform) technology
  • Software-defined storage – Integrating the management of various storage tiers and levels of services of the Hitachi VSP-G (block), VSP-F (Flash), and HNAS (File) lines by means of virtualization through Hitachi SVOS
  • Object storage – Being able to search and use the company’s unstructured data and files for advanced analytical and BI capabilities, implement automated data policies and life cycle management
  • Converged infrastructure solutions and stretched cluster storage for Vmware – Using Hitachi UCP and GAD (Global Active Device) technologies
  • Data self-protection approach – Being able to completely eliminate managing backups on tapes

Our Team of Experts

The PCD team works closely with the team from Hitachi to ensure that your needs and goals are well understood. We will advise you on your choice of technologies and the service, purchase or leasing options available to design a customized solution with you.

Our specialists are trained and certified directly by Hitachi each year, in order to be able to bring you the latest knowledge and to share with you both best industry practices and their experience.


Some of the services we offer

Hitachi Expertise and Authorized Service Centre

Let the PCD professional services group help you plan and carry out a turnkey project that will allow you to decrease risks, respect schedules, and ensure the success of your initiative.

  • HEALTHCHECK – Analysis of the current state of your infrastructure and your operational practices
  • ACTION PLAN – Strategy, planning, and design
  • ACTIVACTION – Implementation and deployment
  • VALIDACTION – Quality assurance control and optimization


Some of Our Clients

PCD provides support to its clients and their IT teams in the field for the implementation of data center infrastructures, management tools, industry best practices and knowledge transfer.

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Need to see it to believe it…? Us too!
Come discover PCD and Hitachi’s latest solutions and innovations—solutions that completely transform current ways of doing things. TechnoLab is a Montreal-based solutions laboratory developed in partnership with Hitachi to understand the potential of new technologies, in particular:

Software-defined storage with Hitachi SVOS

Hitachi VSP-G and Hitachi HNAS storage technologies

Hitachi VSP-F flash storage

Hitachi HCP (Hitachi Content Platform) for object storage

Hitachi UCP (Unified Computing Platform) integrated systems

Integration between VMware and Hitachi technologies

IT service catalogue and IT process automation

Stretched cluster solutions with Hitachi GAD

Data self-protection mechanisms


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