Storage and Information Management

Transforming data into business information

Information must be used primarily to benefit companies and guide their decisions. It should enable the analysis and extraction of knowledge in “real-time” to help businesses implement appropriate actions. New industry leaders are establishing these principals as the foundation of their success.

New technologies that revolutionize our way of doing things


  • File and system metadata
  • Federated Search
  • Software-defined storage
  • Storage virtualization and federation principles
  • Data reduction technologies (deduplication, compression, single instancing, versioning, etc.)
  • Object storage and intelligent file management
  • Storage stretched cluster
  • Data self-protection mechanisms

Our Team

These days, storage infrastructure is the foundation of IT functions and services. In the heat of the action, IT teams often disregard various innovations that offer new tools and continue to transform and simplify data management.
PCD Solutions can help you maintain a close technology watch and guide you in making the best architecture and investment decisions.

Some of the services we offer

Healthcheck: Storage infrastructure and data management

Our Health Checkup service is an essential exercise if you are questioning the effectiveness of your practices or are on the verge of making a significant investment in your storage infrastructure. This service allows us to examine your infrastructure, data environments and your current storage management practices. It helps you compare your environment against the best industry standards and provides a clear report on your current situation. It aims to identify issues and areas for improvement, along with corrective actions and recommendations on how to improve your practices in the future. It also helps you identify risks and quantify the advantages of adopting new technologies.

Technology Expertise

Some of the technologies and solutions we specialize in


Need to see it to believe it…? Us too!
Come discover solutions that completely transform current ways of doing things. TechnoLab is a solutions laboratory, based here in Montreal, which was developed in collaboration with major manufacturers to provide a better understanding of new technologies, in particular:

Software-defined storage

Flash storage

Storage virtualization and federation 

Data-reduction technologies

Object storage and intelligent file management

Storage stretched cluster solutions

Data self-protection mechanisms




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