Data Protection

Say goodbye to back-up nightmares

Ever-increasing storage data volumes continue to drive the pressure and complexity of data protection measures for disaster scenarios. In recent years, back-up and recovery management operations have suffered a major lack of innovation and investment. However, these operations remain a serious concern for businesses.

They are not only arduous, complex and expensive, but efficiency and the real ability to recover data following major shutdowns are often big concerns.

Transforming the way of doing things

With our structured service approach, the PCD Solutions team will recommend the most recent practices and emerging options to help you simplify how you protect your critical environments.

  • Recovery objectives (RTO/RPO)
  • Data management policies
  • Information classification models
  • Compliance and legal obligations
  • Data life cycle/retention period
  • Data accessibility and mobility
  • Vision, orientation and architecture design
  • Technology selection
  • Data optimization (compression, deduplication, single instancing)
  • Data reduction and optimization (compression, deduplication, single instancing, versioning)
  • Operations automation

Our Team of Experts

Get the full benefit of our expertise and experience. Our team will maintain a technology watch and provide constant feedback on industry best practices. We will provide consulting to guide your architectural decisions and investments.

Some of the services we offer

Discovery Workshop: Transforming data protection practices

Our Discovery Workshop service is an essential exercise if you are questioning the effectiveness of your practices or are on the verge of making significant investments in your back-up infrastructure. This service allows us to examine your infrastructure, data environments and current operations. It also helps you to compare your situation to industry standards and makes recommendations on technologies and innovations that may further simplify your environment.

Technology Expertise

Some of the technologies and solutions we specialize in

CONTINUUM Methodology

Our work methodology is the key to the success of our team’s projects in the field.




Need to see it to believe it…? Us too!
Come discover solutions that completely transform current ways of doing things. TechnoLab is a solutions laboratory, based here in Montreal, which was developed in collaboration with major manufacturers to provide a better understanding of new technologies, in particular:

Object storage technologies for data protection

Data self-protection mechanisms (without tape back-up)

Data reduction features (compression, deduplication, single instancing, versioning, archiving)

Advanced protection features (replication, error coding, data integrity, encryption)

Software-defined storage

Stretched cluster solutions

Integration with Cloud service providers


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