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Starting your AWS Public Cloud foundation on the right foot

Well before the pandemic began, companies started to look at the Public Cloud, often adopting a hybrid approach.


Some of the advantages of Public Cloud foundation include faster project deployment, agility and scalability, predictable monthly costs (usage-based) and the ability to connect to the many AWS native Cloud services.

However, application and data migration to the Public Cloud requires thorough planning for organizations. Even though these on-boarding processes are greatly facilitated and accelerated, thanks to the many tools made available to you, there are several aspects that require planning to properly build your AWS Cloud foundation.

Here are a few examples:

  • Properly establishing management and governance principles for your Cloud environment;
  • Choosing the right structure for your account and billing follow-up;
  • Defining access rights and profiles for your various users and administrators;
  • Making the right architecture choices based on your current and projected needs;
  • Establishing security and network parameterization;
  • Setting appropriate data protection processes;
  • Planning to integrate the solution with your own datacentre or other Cloud providers.


It’s easy to move too quickly, then find yourself needing to start all over again. By taking advantage of our AWS Landing Zone service, your team will ensure it follows industry best practices and benefits from expert knowledge transfer. Our specialists will help you reflect on how to take your environment to the next level and maximize AWS functionalities and services as well as offer advice on the most recent innovations that could benefit your company.

Find below a summary sheet outlining our services. Feel free to contact us for further details. It is possible to organize a video call with members from both of our teams to better understand your objectives and address your questions.


AWS Landing Zone
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