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The Chambre des notaires du Québec – The Hub of the Profession

Created in 1870 under the name of “Chambre provinciale des notaires,” the Chambre des Notaires du Québec is first and foremost a professional order with approximately 3,800 members across the province.


Its primary mission is to protect the public, and it achieves this every day through “prevention, professional development, and discipline.” In addition, to meet today’s IT and accessibility challenges, the Chambre has taken on a parallel mission to be the benchmark for its members in all aspects of IT services. It therefore provides plain language web videos on various topics to provide information to the public, while promoting the profession and the practice of preventive law. And it doesn’t stop there! Since it is increasingly being called on to act as an IT service provider and in an effort to offer even more to its members, the Chambre des notaires du Québec has had to set up infrastructure and services that are highly secure, flexible, and accessible at all times.


Mr. Luc Phaneuf’s Testimonial

You can learn more about the collaboration between the Chambre and PCD Solutions in the following video. Take a few minutes to discover how the two organizations have gradually applied their visions.


Video – Available only in French

Click here to watch the video.


Technology and Innovation in Small Steps

The collaboration between the Chambre and PCD goes back to 2013, when the Chambre undertook a major reorganization of its technological structure. From the beginning, the goal of PCD Solutions, whose primary role is to act as an integrator, was to help Luc Phaneuf, the head of the Information Technology Department, to gradually implement infrastructures that would meet the needs of members, the main one being the virtualization of workstations.


Key Business Challenges for the Chambre

Becoming a technological hub for thousands of members requires meeting a number of organizational and logistical challenges, which is what the Chambre des notaires has successfully done for the last five years. One of the main aspects that could have indeed been a problem was the size of its IT team. With a relatively small team, one of the priorities was agility and effectiveness. To this end, IT management has been visionary and very proactive in deciding very early on how technology could give them more for less. This was the reason for PCD’s involvement and the implementation of several virtualization projects (vSphere, VMware Horizon suite, vSAN, vRealize Operations).


Nature of the Collaboration Between the Chambre des Notaires du Québec and PCD Solutions

These virtualization projects, spread over time since 2013, served as catalysts in demonstrating the benefits of new technologies, particularly improved control, management and the host of services that companies can provide their members. Moreover, with the help of PCD Solutions, the Chambre has been able to benefit from sensible advice and a practical approach to scheduling its various technological initiatives. The result has been a move from an infrastructure management approach to service-oriented management.


Main Benefits

Among the benefits of this phased approach, the Chambre has been able to evolve at its own pace and ability. Today it benefits from an environment that is both state-of-the art and forward thinking. The investments that the Chambre has made into upgrading its infrastructures have enabled it to put several blocks in place that are vital for the future, which will allow them to evolve into hybrid management and ultimately cloud management.

And what will this future look like? Over the short-term, the Chambre is already considering virtualizing their networks, with the objective of being able to move its data centres to a colocation centre, and eventually to the cloud.


In Conclusion

We would like to thank the Chambre des notaires du Québec, and especially Mr. Luc Phaneuf, for the trust they have shown us over the past several years. We hope to continue collaborating on future projects where we can explore the future of virtualization.

Please contact us if you have any comments or questions.


Pierre Cayouette,
Co-President — PCD Solutions

Courriel : pcayouette@pcdsolutions.com