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Special Event – “20 Years of Technology and Innovation”

PCD Solutions presents “20 Years of Technology and Innovation,” a special event that includes a 60 minutes conference by our guest speaker Micheal Hyatt and a networking area for the celebration of PCD’s 20th anniversary.



A celebration in the spirit of Innovation

“PCD Solutions is celebrating 20 years in business. We like to create conferences and experiences that our customers will remember for years. We definitively made sure you will remember that one!”

The event will take advantage of the lovely ambiance of an evening at the Old Port of Montréal to bring together all of our clients, new contacts, and business partners. Invitations for the event called “20 Years of Technology and Innovation” have been sent out. Please make sure you got yours. The agenda includes networking, time to celebrate but also an opportunity to listen to a very interesting conference on the topic of “Innovation, Change in Business, and new Role of IT”, presented by M. Michael Hyatt, one of Canada’s Top Entrepreneurs and Investors.





Focuses on the talk given by our guest speaker, M. Michael Hyatt,“Dragon” from the popular CBC TV show Dragons’ Den – Next Gen Den, an entrepreneur and visionary in the technology field, who will share with us his positions on innovation in companies and the future role of information technologies.



How to successfully create the context and conditions for launching disruptive innovations

The themes of innovation and change are key priorities for companies. Innovation is often the only way a company can generate a sustainable advantage in an increasingly competitive market.

We want to understand why some companies are consistently taking the pole position in their industry, transforming the rules of the game, putting their ideas into practice, and effectively and forcefully bringing new business opportunities to market.

  • How have these technologies literally changed our ways of doing things and our lives over the past 20 years
  • What conditions were met?
  • What are the upcoming innovations that will transform our future?
  • How do you build a culture of innovation within a business?
  • Why are information technologies so important?
  • What will be your own innovation initiative and your contribution to your company’s success?






  • Take advantage of this opportunity to get together with and talk to your IT peers in Quebec
  • Meet our business partners
  • Compare your company’s practices
  • Speak to our technical specialists who will be on site to answer your questions



The PCD Solutions team likes to do things on a grand scale. So join us for a fun evening with a touch of humour and a few anecdotes from PCD’s 20-year history. You will also discover what PCD has become today and its plans for future development.

  • A lovely summer evening at the Old Port of Montréal
  • An elegant cocktail dinner buffet with original tasting stations
  • A thank-you speech by PCD management




Wednesday, June 21, from 3:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.*

Salle Scena, Pavillon Jacques Cartier, Vieux-Port de Montréal

149 Rue de la Commune Est. Montréal, H2Y 4B2




3:00 PM Accueil
3:30 PM Opening address – by Pierre Cayouette and Carl Deschênes from the PCD Solutions management team
3:45 PM Special talk by Michael Hyatt  – How to successfully create the context and conditions for launching disruptive innovations
5:00 PM An evening of celebration for PCD Solutions’ 20th anniversary – Ambiance, cocktails and appetizers, tasting stations. Network area and special guests
6:15 PM Presentation speech and a word of thanks – A quick look back at PCD’s history and its clients. Perspectives for growth, innovation strategy, and future plans
7:30 PM End and/or continuation of the evening



Please mark the date on your calendar right away.

If you have not already reserved your spot, you can also write to us to more officially confirm your intention to attend. Register now at continuum@pcdsolutions.com