Virtualization and Cloud

Prepare your business to implement a software-defined data center approach

 With the massive switch to virtualization technologies in recent years, IT management practices are changing faster than ever. The agility and flexibility of software-defined management is leading a growing number of organizations to consider extending this technology to their storage, workstations, network and security management.

Take the next step to adopting your own private Cloud

Most businesses have already begun operating according to hybrid Cloud principles. Several applications are being hosted externally, but most services and data are still being managed within businesses. How do you increase IT agility & speed while maintaining as much control over your operations as possible?

  • Business strategy and position regarding Cloud
  • IT group’s role in managing and testing externally sourced services
  • Orientation plan and private Cloud implementation
  • Updating VMware vSphere environments
  • Moving forward with software-defined storage
  • Virtualization of workstations and applications
  • Network and security management using VMware NSX software
  • Integrating external provider services to your Cloud
  • IT orchestration and automation tools
  • Access portal and IT services catalog

Our Team

Adopting a software-defined data center approach requires planning, expertise and sound methodology. These factors are even more critical when managing transaction-based environments and mission-critical applications for production.

PCD’s team can guide you through a process that will help you plan and manage how you adopt these new technologies. This ensures that your organization implement virtualization using industry best practices and that knowledge transfer with your team is sound.

Some of the services we offer

Discovery Workshop

Our Discovery Workshop service is designed to guide you through a structured approach to defining and confirming your needs. It draws on the expertise of one or several of our specialized experts depending on the solution areas involved in the project being studied. Initially, it involves the key executive members responsible for the project, then the technical staff who will be assigned to various specialized areas.

The Discovery Workshop lets you clarify your vision and objectives, establish your priorities for action, understand the possible interdependencies between several projects, and plan in detail the key elements that will make your initiative successful.



Technology Expertise

Some of the technologies and solutions we specialize in


Need to see it to believe it…? Us too!
Come discover solutions that completely transform current ways of doing things. TechnoLab is a solutions laboratory, based here in Montreal, which was developed in collaboration with major manufacturers to provide a better understanding of new technologies, in particular:

Access portal and IT service catalog 

IT orchestration and automation solutions

Next-generation converged infrastructure systems

Software-defined storage

Software-defined network management

Virtualization of workstations and applications

Infrastructure management, planning and monitoring 


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