CONTINUUM is a group of Quebec-based IT professionals with over 350 current members. The initiative was launched by PCD Solutions in collaboration with several of its clients, and aims to share industry best practices and provide perspective to businesses through local events and meetings with various guest experts.

Our events, conferences and publications cover:

The most significant changes in the industry
Observed local trends
Major innovations in IT and communications

A local take on IT trends

The CONTINUUM program pays particular attention to local issues and IT trends observed in Quebec-based businesses. Several recent studies, workshops/conferences and articles published on our blog and in our newsletter have covered the latest innovations from our clients and guest experts, landmark events and experiences with their projects.

Knowledge is power

Above all, CONTINUUM provides a unique platform for Quebec-based IT managers to share both their knowledge and lessons learned from experience. Participants attest to the value of the perspective gained on their company’s situation and the lessons learned from the experiences of their counterparts, which face the same local industry and budget challenges.

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